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New Mexico

Mine Health and Safety Conference

January 15, 2021


Mine operators, Contractors, Vendors:

It is with a heavy heart that I am sending this letter to inform all our attendees that we the committee have struggled to make the decision to dissolve the Conference. The Conference is a nonprofit organization and we have relied on the generosity of   organizations and attendees for sponsorships to fund our conference. With the current conditions of COVID-19 and the restrictions on gathering of large groups we are not able to conduct the conference. The committee had a special meeting to discuss all the barriers and possibilities of sustaining to see if we could ride out the current conditions.
 The committee has voted to dissolve the nonprofit organization, and we will be starting the process. We will truly miss each one of you, and we truly have appreciated the sponsorships and commitment to attend the conference

Stay Safe, Blessing to you and your families,
Thank you for your generous support.

Oscar Colorado,
President, NMMHSC