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MSHA 30 CFR Courses: Part 46 & Part 48

You must be 18 years of age to work in any mine.

The Bureau of Mine Safety charges for training. The following fees are now in effect:

1 day classes such as First Aid (FA) or Annual Refresher (AR) will be $25.

2 day classes such as FA one day and AR the next day will be $50.

3 day classes such as New Miner (NM) will be $75.

Our MSHA approved trainers provide mine safety and health training at sites throughout New Mexico. All instruction is provided in accordance with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) standards as set forth in Title 30, Code of Federal Regulations (30CFR).

Training is scheduled upon request for a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 35 students per session. If you require training and have less than 8 students, you will be charged for 8. (Sometimes, special accommodations can be made for small groups.) Training may be provided at the BMS training facility on campus of New Mexico Tech or at a suitable  training facility you provide. If you are interested in scheduling a class, please call the BMS office at (575) 835-5460.

There will be a $200 administration fee for cancelations made 5 business days or less prior to the scheduled class date.

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Training and assistance is provided to miners and operators throughout New Mexico. The Bureau of Mine Safety (BMS) provides First Aid classes as well as MSHA New Miner and MSHA Annual Refresher training classes for:
* Part 46 - Sand and Gravel Operations Training 
* Part 48 - Subpart "B" - Surface Coal and Metal/Non-Metal

MSHA Instructor Candidate Courses

NEXT TTT COURSE * nothing currenly planned, call if interested


BMS also provides "train-the-trainer" classes for people who are applying to MSHA for approval as an Instructor. It is our intent to provide the tools necessary to successfully train miners as well as develop training plans required by MSHA. Completion of the 3-day Instructor Candidate Course is a factor reviewed by MSHA when considering approval, and may be a requirement in the MSHA District in which the application is made.

The Bureau of Mine Safety will send a letter verifying successful completion of the 3-day Instructor Candidate Course to the MSHA District Office; the Application for MSHA Approved Instructor should be submitted directly to MSHA by the candidate, along with a detailed resume. Questions regarding qualifications for approval are answered in our November 2014 newsletter (click here) or by contacting Mark Lipe if you are in the MSHA South Central District. Mark's information can be found at http://www.msha.gov/epd/efsms/contact.asp under the information for Texas, South Central District Office, Dallas.

Please see the current class schedule for the dates and location of the next instructor course. To register for an Instructor Class, send an email to debora.mcvey@nmt.edu and include your name, MIIN, employer, address and work phone number.

Cost: $400 per person, for all three days (includes materials). Groups of 8-10 may be charged a lower rate depending on location.

MSHA's Instructor Candidate Application and Instruction Sheet


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